Introducing Organised Chaos Management

Hi, I’m Flip from Chaos Management. I’m someone that much prefers not to be behind the camera but due to this exciting collaboration with bloss life, I wanted to introduce what we do at Organise Chaos. We’re all so time poor these days whether that’s because of work, kids, commitments. The point of us is […]

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Annie Reed – Virtual Assistant Introduction

Hi, it’s Annie from Annie Reed, Business support, a virtual assistant on bloss, the home of parenthood experts. I am a virtual assistant and specialise in PA support, project management and event planning. If you feel there aren’t enough hours in the day then having a virtual assistant could be the perfect thing for you. […]

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How to Create the Perfect Party… (on a budget)

As a mum of two charming children, I have always been hands on in creating a themed party on a budget. Since being a little girl, we were always taught to waste not want …an ethos I now try to instil in myself, my children and my parties (not always to my avail)  But… What […]