Get your wardrobe to work for you!

We’ve never asked so much of our work wardrobe – gone are the suits but what do you replace them with to maintain a level of professionalism? (we want to be taken seriously 🤓). Additionally, we want to wear our own personality and increasingly be able to transition between family and work roles – never […]

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What Does a Personal Shopper Mean

I advise clients on what items they should buy, based on information given to me such as what styles/colours/trends the customer likes. I tend to find out what my client’s style goals are, what fashion looks they want to achieve and what they want most from their wardrobe. It could be a regular shopping experience or for […]

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The Benefits of Babywearing Explained

Babywearing is nothing new, parents have been carrying their babies in slings, carriers and wraps for hundreds of years RECEIVE 15% OFF everything at by entering BLOSS15 at checkout By Lille Baby and Me LÍLLÉbaby Complete All seasons and LÍLLÉbaby Dragonfly wrap Of-course you won’t be surprised to hear that newborn babies want to […]