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Pregnancy can be a time of mixed emotions for both parents to be. For most, a very happy time, but also accompanied by uncertainty and possible worries over what each change may bring. Some common factors include adjusting to the physical impact of pregnancy, for example, morning sickness or extreme tiredness; potential pregnancy complications; the amount of support available; changes in role  including coping with being a parent; impact on relationships and worries or fears of childbirth. These changes may all generate symptoms of stress or anxiety and occasionally have an impact on mood. 

Be honest about the difficulties you might be facing and take steps to get support. For some this might be through reading recommended or evidenced information, whilst for others it might be by talking to someone. Open up to someone you trust, speak with your midwife or seek professional support. If you are a lone parent, it is particularly important to seek emotional support. Joining an antenatal group, connecting digitally, on-line discussion groups and forums are all ways to share information and access friendly support.