Low milk supply

Any mum who has struggled to produce enough milk for her baby knows how stressful and heartbreaking this can be. We all want to give our baby the best, and we know breastmilk is it – but what happens when our body just isn’t doing what we want it to? There are a number of reasons why we might struggle to produce enough milk for our baby, and many of them can be fixed or easily avoided if you know what to look out for, how to produce a good milk supply and just how your milk supply works! 

Causes of low milk supply can be separated into three different categories – 

  • Pre Glandular – hormonal imbalances due to thyroid disfunction, retained placenta etc
  • Glandular – these relate to our breast tissue and how our breasts developed during puberty, or any breast surgery we may have had
  • Post Glandular – this is all to do with how our baby is feeding and how effectively they’re signalling our brain to produce milk. 

The most common causes we see in mums in the early postnatal period are post glandular – issues with the feeding which are causing a decrease in milk supply, or which have meant mum’s milk supply hasn’t been stimulated well enough in the first place. 

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