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The return to school, starting school for the first time, moving from one school to another, all of these things can lead to anxiety in ourselves and our child in the run up to the big day and at the school gates. Spending some time thinking about the root of this anxiety; where it is coming from, how long has it been there and what exactly is causing us or our child to feel so anxious, can prevent a lot of anxiety on the big day!

For many children, separation from caregivers when they begin or return to school can lead to anxiety and cause distress for both child and adult at the school gates, this is not unusual. However, knowing how to manage this anxiety is so important so that we can teach our child (and ourselves in the process) that there really is nothing to worry about and prevent sleepless night and anxiety related symptoms like sickness or butterflies in our children before the big day.

So in trying to understand what is driving this anxiety, less us think for a moment about a few things. Let us first think about anxiety.

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