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Hi everyone, I’m Corina Borodoli and I’m the co-founder and director of Cocorio Creative Childcare. I’m also the London coordinator for the Daisy Network Charity, a charity supporting women with premature ovarian insufficiency or premature menopause and with Bloss I am a menopause awareness advocate and coach.

I have about 15 years of lived experience managing my own menopausal symptoms. I was diagnosed with premature menopause at the age of 15. Since then, I’ve had to advocate for myself and for other women with the condition. I’ve since started to advocate for other women with premature ovarian insufficiency and the metaphors, more publicly in the last year.

And I’m also a business owner. So I understand the challenges of employers and employees within the world of the menopause. I guess the number one reason is the mismatch between the very negative effects of the menopause on women’s mental and physical health. And also the lack of information and awareness among the general population but also the medical professionals.

9 out of 10 women say the menopause impacts their work and 32% of themΒ  so almost one third considered leaving the workplace. So the menopause, it’s a social issue and it’s really time to start spreading awareness and talking about it.

So the first aim is really to start a conversation and to talk about the menopause encouraged women, to be open about it as much as possible.

Another one of the aims of the menopause awareness workshops are really to provide the tools and support that women may need. First of all, to spot the early signs of the perimenopause and the metaphors, but also to know where to look for support when they need it to manage their symptoms.

Another aim is to just generally educate employers and employees around an issue that affects the whole of society, passive of it completely directly, and the other really indirectly. This is great for employers because it offers them an opportunity to have a more inclusive workspace limit, people leaving the workforce. So really having a more engaged and productive staff and improve staff retention. You can look me up or find out more from Bloss.