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My name’s Laura Rose and I’m founder of the global organization, LGBT mummies. And we work to support LGBT plus women and people on the path to motherhood or parenthood.

After 11 years of failed cycles, miscarriages, PCRS, and severe diminished ovarian reserve to have our three amazing miracle children and supporting over 40,000 women and people, we feel that we have the expertise and the knowledge to support you on your journey.

The fact that there’s not enough visibility of LGBT plus families within the corporate sector, the fact that employees do not feel currently supported in the workplace and on the journey for fertility treatment or any other journey, they feel that they need better support from their support network in their organizations.

Education and training for employers to support their employees in a better way is really, really crucial. But to make employees feel that they’re supported, validated, and that their journeys and their paths to motherhood or parenthood are understood going on a fertility journey or fostering or adoption is incredibly difficult, but for the LGBT plus community, we have additional barriers and implications that need to be understood in depth before an employer can really truly support their employee in the best possible way and give them that additional layer of support.