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By now you are probably in the swing of being pregnant and you may be in the ‘honeymoon’ period, with lots more energy and a renewed sense of well-being. Now is the time to start communicating with your baby on a much deeper level.

Screening tests should be out of the way and you will probably be feeling much more confident about the health of your baby. Ultrasound scans will have given you those first precious glimpses of what he or she looks like, but whatever image you have in your mind, you can now use it to deepen your emotional bond. Introduce your baby to some of your favourite music, sing and talk to her or him, tell them how much you are looking forward to holding them, what the rest of their family is like, how much you long for them – the point is that you are making a connection on a very deep, personal level. Choose a quiet time and find privacy, where no one can overhear you – then spend some quality time with your baby.

Bonding visualisation

Try this visualisation technique:

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