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Hi guys, I’m Nathalie Clough and today I’m here to talk to you out pre and postnatal exercises with pilaties and exercises that you can do to help support your body.

So modifications when exercising are generally, I generally give to my clients when they’re in a class and they obviously want to be joining in with the class rather than one-to-one sessions.

You can obviously use these in one-to-one sessions as well, and you can reach out if you have any questions about these.

So frontline, obviously not possible after a certain period, you will know when that is when you can just listen to your body with that.

So frontline, instead of lying on your front and doing lifted exercises, you can do kneeling exercises and allow the movement through your spine, which is going to be really important. You’ll be really familiar with the cat posesย  and the superman poses is making sure you lift up from your lower abdominals and lifting that bump up to support your lower back so it’s not hanging.

Sideline is a great exercise, anything sidelined to support those glutes and strengthen the glutes. If you are unsure of the next size and the class or whatever you’re doing, sideline exercise, do some extra groups that would be fantastic.

And then also seated or standing exercises depending on how you’re feeling and whether or not you’re tired or how strong you’re feeling, sit down as I’m doing right now and do some arm exercises while sitting on the sofa or while sitting at a chair or you know, even if you’re on a call or a zoom call and no, one’s obviously seeing you can do some exercises and strengthen your body like that instead.