Hi, My name is Claire Walley. I am the founder of the SCN expert and I support children, families, and schools to navigate the complex world of SEN.

I’m an expert in this field because of two reasons. Firstly, experience, I have worked in the UK and the US in both public and private schools across both phases. I’ve worked as an art educator, SEN specialist, steeply head and a consultant for an academy chain. And I’ve worked in some of the country’s most challenging schools.

Secondly, I think it’s understanding. So on that journey, I’ve worked with a wide range of people and I’ve had to work in some quite challenging situations. So I think I’m an expert because I’ve had to find creative ways, had to think outside the box and have always tried to ensure the best outcomes for the young people I work with.

I think the reason why I have set up the SEN expert, but it’s because in my previous roles, I’ve worked with young people and families in schools, and I really just wanted to give them honest and frank advice and because of the agenda of the institution I working for, or the systems I working with, I wasn’t able to do that.

So to be able to talk to children, parents in an open and honest manner, giving them support and advice, it’s really helpful. And that’s why I set up the SEN expert.

It matter so much, the special educational needs element of the education sector has been hit by funding cuts, policy change, and a huge increase in demand.

The SEN expert offers support and advice to schools to help them with their SEN provisions, budgeting, and making sure that they’re meeting the outcomes that all the children with additional needs in their schools.

You can book me for any workshops that your school may need via Bloss.