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My name’s Sarah Matthews, I’m a subspecialist fertility doctor based at the Portland hospital in London.

I’m going to have a chat with you today about doing a sperm test and interpreting the results.

Sperm morphology, that means what the sperm look like. Do they look like a super speedy tadpole? are other heads a bit funny shape? or the tail is shorter? or you know something looks a bit strange.

Well, sorry to be sexist by this but I always say to my guys, well you know it’s like man in general, you could have 94% looking a bit funny and still be considered normal that is the case with morphology guys.

Because it is normal for the production line to come over with some faulty guys.

Not that those faulty guys will ever get to the egg and fertilize it. There’s no association with miscarriages or abnormalities if your sperm morphology is not up to scratch, but things that can have a really big influence on that are your lifestyles in terms of what affects morphology: weight, alcohol intake, smoking stress can all have a major impact.

So before you get your repeat test, have a think about those things because we almost certainly can improve them and taking some vitamins will help as well.