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I have been reflecting on my pre-natal experience over the last few days and wanted to share my experience with new and expecting Dads.

We moved house when my wife was 32 weeks pregnant. We had a small top floor flat in London that was not ideal for a baby. So we sold up and moved out to Kent. I felt so grown up! But I had no clue how grown up I was going to feel once our son Teddy arrived in blistering heat of summer 2018!

We started NCT in the local area which was a great way for my wife Dani to meet new friends – ones that she still has now. WhatsApp groups were set up, all manner of advice swapped as each baby was born, and ‘coffees’ (wine!) arranged. But the other Dads weren’t so keen. The girls had a sense of purpose, they were all taking a year’s maternity leave and needed each other. For the Dads it felt a bit more of a phase. We were going to have our babies and after a couple of weeks go back to work and our lives. We didn’t ‘need’ it as much. But the reality was, we were wrong.

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