The need for fertility treatment and fertility preservation is increasing, and with it, the need to support employees with fertility in the workplace. Around one in seven couples may have difficulty in conceiving, but with more people in same-sex relationships or embracing solo parenthood, assisted conception is not just about infertility.

Research from Fertility Network UK (2021) shared most people find it difficult to talk about their fertility at work, with over one-third of people considering leaving their employment.

The workshop is not just for women, infertility and a desire to parent impacts on men too: Him Fertility states that around half of (heterosexual) fertility problems are male infertility.

I aim to enhance awareness of the physical and emotional impact of fertility-related decisions and treatment, to help support you and/or your colleagues.

Workshop Outline

  • Fertility facts: a basic fertility primer, providing an overview of how things work and the assisted conception treatments available to people, including fertility preservation, third-party reproduction and pregnancy loss.
  • The emotional impact of fertility treatment: the conscious and unconscious implications of living in a pro-natal society and wanting to succeed, personally and professionally.
  • Practical tips: self-care as you navigate work and fertility, whether for yourself or supporting your colleagues.
  • Encouraging your internal ongoing conversations, breaking down the taboos of infertility and creating a safe environment to share and be supported.

How the workshop is delivered:
Duration 1 hour

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