The arrival of a newborn is one of the most special times of a person’s life, but what adds that extra sparkle is the festive cheer of the Christmas period. For some, there’s parallels to be drawn from their own faiths. For others, it’s simply about celebrating the miracle of life, and the bundle of joy that is now with us. 

As we all know, newborn babies are very delicate, meaning any essentials gifted to the lucky parents need to be appropriate for them. At this stage, a baby doesn’t really need any gifts (a teddy most likely wouldn’t go amiss though!) – it’s the new parents who need the help. Puzzles and wooden toys will be no use at this early stage, but bibs and sterilisers can make all the difference.

That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the new baby arrival essentials that make lovely gifts this Christmas, recommended by our wonderful midwives and doulas at bloss. 

What do midwives and doulas do? 

Both midwives and doulas play an essential role in helping anyone who is pregnant – at any time of the year – to deliver their bundles of joy safely. However, they do play slightly different roles, which we’ll outline below:


Most people have heard of midwives, but might not necessarily know what they actually do to help little ones come into the world safely. Midwives offer a huge variety of different services to help expecting parents prepare for the new arrival. They also advise the new parents after birth. 

Midwives provide full antenatal care for the individual during their pregnancy – including parent classes to learn the basics, and any screening and examinations that need to be done. On top of this, midwives are able to identify when a pregnancy may be of a higher risk, and take appropriate steps.

During labour and the process of giving birth, midwives are there every single step of the way. After the arrival, midwives can assist with the technique for breastfeeding, as well as for things such as bathing your baby.


It’s likely that fewer people have heard of doulas and their role in safely bringing a little one into this world than midwives. A doula can be considered to be somewhat of a professional labour assistant, offering assistance and support when you’re at your most vulnerable. 

Doulas advocate for new parents during and after the birth, and provide practical and emotional support to anyone in the family who needs it. During labour, doulas prioritise the comfort of the parent, as well as their support mentally in this overwhelming experience. Whether it’s information and a hand to hold, or a massage and some breathing techniques, your doula offers what you need, when you need it. 

The intimate involvement of midwives and doulas in the special process of childbirth makes them the perfect people to ask when it comes to newborn essentials. Find their pick of the essentials for a new baby arrival this Christmas time. 

Best new baby gifts this Christmas

1. M&S My First Christmas Bib

M&S My First Christmas Bib, 1 size, Cream Mix | Ocado

Half Price 

Up the cuteness levels with this adorable Christmas bib, featuring an endearing bear on a sleigh wearing a 3D Christmas hat. Made from 100% responsibly sourced cotton and with a popper fastening to help it stay put. This Christmas bib is the ideal new baby gift this festive season.

2. Bambino Mio All-In-One Reusable Nappy – Lemon Drop 

Bambino Mio Lemon Drop Reusable Nappy, All in One | Ocado

Save 20% 

Bambino Mio All-In-One Reusable Nappy

This simple, stylish and super soft all-in-one reusable nappy is the perfect practical new baby gift this Christmas. The nappy is one-size-fits-all and will last from birth to potty training age, as the size of the nappy can be changed using the adjustable poppers and hook & loop fastenings.

Its concealed super absorbent core keeps moisture away from your baby’s delicate skin. While the super soft fabric remains soft wash after wash. This award-winning reusable nappy is the most comfortable nappy for your baby’s bottom. It can also be easily used as a disposable nappy, if preferred.

Bloss expert and midwife Holly Smith from Rosie’s Wellbeing shares her thoughts: “As a midwife we teach new parents how to put on nappies all of the time, coaching nervous mums, birthing people and partners through their first few nappy changes. What I’ve certainly seen increase in the past few years is the love for Bambino Mio All-In-One Reusable Nappies.

These beautifully designed, environmentally friendly nappies are lighting up many changing bags on the postnatal ward. Mums and dads alike are putting their thoughts on the environment at the forefront of their decision making when it comes to their newborn’s clothing and accessories.

The Bambino Mio All-In-One Reusable Nappy comes with a stunning outer cover, using safe poppers to secure them in place, whilst also having a beautiful design. The insert is soft and washable, soaking up anything your newborn decides to do that day! 

The core is also absorbent, keeping the moisture away from your baby’s skin, protecting its natural barrier and leaving it as delicate as the day your baby was born. Buying these nappies is an investment for your child’s entire nappy journey, as the nappy can grow with your little one, expanding using the hook and loop fastenings. 

Find peace of mind and ease with Bambino Mio All-In-One Reusable Nappy, providing you with super absorbent inners and beautiful outer designs fit for any little prince or princess.” 

3. WaterWipes Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin – 720 Wipes

WaterWipes Sensitive Weaning Biodegradable Wipes, Multipack | Ocado

Save 15% 

WaterWipes Baby Wipes for Sensitive Skin

With only three ingredients, these WaterWipes Baby Wipes are perfect for sensitive and delicate baby skin. Comprising 99.9% purified water, a drop of fruit and soapberry extract, with a seven stage water purification process, these wipes provide a deeper and more effective clean.  

The WaterWipes Baby Wipes are the only baby wipes to be approved by Allergy UK, registered with The Vegan Society and awarded the National Eczema Association Seal of Acceptance. Plus, they are made from 100% renewable plant fibres and will biodegrade in 12 weeks. Good for your baby and for the environment.

Suitable for faces, hands, feet and bottoms, these wipes are ideal for weaning and exploring babies. They come highly recommended by midwives and other healthcare professionals. 

As Holly explains, “When your little one arrives there’s enough to worry about without being concerned how their skin is coping with your choice of baby wipe. Your little one’s skin is sensitive and beautiful – having been swimming in water for the last nine months, babies require extra special care of their skin.

That’s why WaterWipes are so popular, as their gentle formula of water and fruit juice means that your baby’s skin isn’t being exposed to any harmful chemicals that can aggravate it’s natural balance. You’ll soon see how many of these wipes you can get through in a day, from exploding nappies to vomit on your shoulder, these wipes are perfect for everything.

As your little one develops, your need for these wonderful wipes changes too. Whether it’s cleaning little fingers and wiping ice cream off cheeks, a packet of WaterWipes in the nappy bag is a must, no matter what you use them for!

So, when you get asked the inevitable question, ‘what can we get for the baby?’, WaterWipes – and plenty of them – is a great answer!”

4. Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream – 75ml

Weleda Baby Natural Calendula Nappy Change Cream | Ocado

Save 25% 

Weleda Baby Calendula Nappy Change Cream

This Weleda Nappy Change Cream comprises carefully selected ingredients to gently care for delicate skin in the nappy area. Extracts of organic calendula soothes, while skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide form a protective barrier against dampness. Finally, gentle almond oil and chamomile complete this skin soother. 

This nappy change cream is designed to support the skin’s natural functions while offering a mild, skin-friendly scent that’s loved by parents and babies. Certified organic, ethically sourced and sustainable, you can trust that this cream is doing good for your baby and the environment. 

As Leanne Stitt from Doula Diary explains, “I try to avoid using nappy cream too often, instead allowing for nappy-free time and using water and bamboo cloths at home during the day. But when I know my little one is going to be in her nappy for up to 12 hours without a change, I like to apply a very thin, light layer of Calendula Nappy Change Cream. The skin-friendly lanolin and zinc oxide provide a protective barrier against excessive moisture.

When choosing a nappy cream, I look for natural ingredients that will soothe, heal and strengthen the epidermis. The epidermis is your top layer of skin that offers a barrier between the environment and the deeper layers of skin.

Some nappy creams can be quite thick and sticky, which makes it difficult to apply a thin layer. The Calendula Nappy Change Cream is really easy to apply, allowing for a nice light layer to be applied. Less is more when it comes to applying cream, as you want to be careful not to block the breathable pores in nappies. If you block these pores, you essentially stop the nappy from taking the moisture away from the skin and it will instead sit directly on the skin, making nappy rash worse even with a cream applied.

Less is absolutely more which makes this a cost effective choice when choosing a cream for your little one's delicate skin. The cream is also natural and certified organic, ethically sourced and sustainable.”

5. Milton® Antibacterial Surface Wipes

Milton Biodegradable Anti-Bacterial Surface Wipes | Ocado

Save 20% 

Milton® Antibacterial Surface Wipes

A practical but essential new baby gift that parents will be grateful for are these Milton® Antibacterial Surface Wipes. The bleach-free and rinse-free formula effectively cleans and disinfects all surfaces in the home or while out and about. From high chairs and changing mats to public facilities at work or baby toys, these wipes kill 99.9% of germs. 

Being 100% biodegradable too, you can be confident that these wipes won’t be damaging the environment. 

Midwife and bloss expert Illiyin Morrison recommends these wipes: “The Milton antibacterial wipes have been an absolute staple since my daughter was born but even more-so now that my son is here!

He’s just started crawling and is either in or touching everything! My daughter is in nursery and we all know what bugs they bring home. So it's great to be able to quickly wipe down those surfaces and toys, especially because they remove 99.9% of germs. These wipes are the perfect size to have in the kitchen, bathroom and to carry a pack in my baby bag for days out. An added bonus is that they are biodegradable.”

6. Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes –70 wipe

Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes | Ocado

Save 25% 

Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes

Flushable baby wipes? You heard correctly! These 100% plastic-free and compostable wipes are made from biodegradable plant fibres. Given that traditional wet wipes containing plastic can last over 100 years in landfill, Pura wanted to create a completely sustainable alternative. Allowing parents to care for the environment just by caring for their family. 

With no perfume, no alcohol and no chlorine, these eco baby wipes are gentle on skin, gentle on the planet, and tough on everything else. Suitable for newborns and approved by the British Skin Foundation, what’s not to love. 

As midwife and bloss expert Ruwaida Moola from Miracle Births explains, “Research shows that babies should not be bathed after birth to ensure that their microbiomes are not disturbed. Babies have extra sensitive skin and are prone to rashes and skin changes after birth. It is therefore of utmost importance to ensure that parents refrain from using products containing chemicals, artificial products and perfumed products after birth.

Any product that is harsh on the environment can be harsh on your baby’s skin too. Diaper rashes can be painful, and diapers and skin care with scented products can further aggravate your baby's skin.

The Pura Flushable Eco Baby Wipes are 100% plastic free; it is an eco- friendly product which is gentle on the environment and gentle on your baby’s skin too. This amazing product has no perfume, no alcohol, and no chlorine. It is approved by the British Skin Foundation and is safe enough to be used on your baby’s face, hands, and buttock area with each nappy change.

Make sure that you don’t forget to pack the pura flushable wipes in your hospital bag, nappy bag and travel bags. Save the planet whilst saving your baby’s skin with chemical free  eco-friendly biodegradable wipes.”

7. Piccolo X Bibado Yellow Bib

Piccolo X BiBADO Yellow Bib | Ocado

Save 1/3

Piccolo X Bibado Yellow Bib

As the UK’s No.1 weaning product, the Piccolo x Bibado Bib is sure to make a much appreciated new baby Christmas gift. The Bibado Coverall can strap to highchairs, tables or prams and will keep your little one spotlessly clean and dry wherever you go. Suitable from six months to 36+ months, the Bibado Coverall grows with your child to last their whole weaning journey.

The waterproof material is soft and comfortable for baby to wear, while the adjustable sleeve length and neck velcro makes it wonderfully versatile and adaptable for the ultimate comfort. It can be wiped clean, machine washed and tumble dried, saving parents time every day with less mess. Plus, the unique Piccolo pattern is wonderfully eye-catching and fun.

As Ruwaida explains, “When children learn to feed themselves, it can be a messy ordeal. Going all dressed up for a Christmas event and having those pretty outfits messed up can turn a good day into a stressful one for mums. The Piccolo X Bibado Yellow Bip is the UK’s No 1 weaning product and makes a wonderful Christmas gift not only for the baby but for mums as well.

Children develop their fine motor skills, hand to mouth coordination and develop independence when they are allowed to explore eating on their own. Having children explore different textures at meal time has an advantage on strengthening their muscles in the lip, tongue and jaw and these are important in speech development.

The Piccolo X Yellow Bib allows self-feeding without any restriction, be it at home or elsewhere. What a wonderful way to decrease mums’ chores and turn mealtimes into fun family time without having the stress of the clean-up. The Piccolo Bibado Bib can be used from 36+ months throughout their weaning journey and can be easily wiped down and ready for the next meal. This versatile gift can be used during feeding, painting, and any messy play.

8. Lansinoh® Feeding Bottle Set

Lansinoh Feeding Bottle Set | Ocado

Save 20% 

The Lansinoh® Feeding Bottle Set is brilliantly suited to breastfed babies. It features the NaturalWave® Teat, which is an extra soft and flexible peristaltic teat with a wide textured base for easy latch on. It encourages baby’s wave-like tongue movement, so that your little one can continue to use their natural sucking style and maintain established breastfeeding patterns.

Having been specifically designed for breastfed babies, this bottle set makes it easy to switch from breast to bottle and back again. In fact, the teat has been clinically proven to reduce nipple confusion. The inner vertical ridges make the teat stronger and collapse resistant, while the anti-colic air ventilation system reduces the intake of air. 

As Midwife Illiyin Morrison explains, “I am exclusively breastfeeding my son but have started expressing one bottle a day to build a bit of a stash and to get him used to using a bottle for times when I'm not there to feed him. My daughter never took a bottle so early bottle introduction has been vital this time.

The Lansinoh bottle teets have been specifically designed for breastfed babies making it easier to go between bottle and breast easily and helping to avoid preference or confusion. It’s really reassuring for me to know that my son will take the bottle if I am not there to breastfeed him!”

9. Nimble Laundry Lover Baby Detergent

Nimble Laundry Lover Baby Detergent (45 washes) | Ocado

Save £1

Nimble Laundry Lover Baby Detergent

This Nimble Laundry Lover Baby Detergent makes your little one's favourite clothes look and smell like new. It safely banishes those nasty food, pee and poo stains without leaving any skin irritating residues, optical brighteners or enzymes. Plus, the light allergen-free fragrance ensures they smell fresh, without any irritation. 

The Nimble Baby Detergent no longer comes with a plastic dosing cap, as part of their fight against plastic use. A good, clean, plant-based detergent that parents and babies alike will love. 

Leanne Stitt from Doula Diary shares her thoughts: “Picking a detergent and feeling confident in your choice can be overwhelming. Especially as a parent, you have so many decisions to make on behalf of your children. For me it’s about balance when choosing any product. Finding the most natural, cost effective, and environmentally friendly product that completes the job is at the core of my choices, and Nimble Laundry Baby Detergent ticks all of these boxes.

Using plant based ingredients makes this a very gentle choice for sensitive skin (adults too) and reduces the chance of irritation. For eczema prone skin, having a detergent that does not leave a residue within the fabric following a wash will stop any irritation to skin that may cause an eczema flare up. If you have been unable to find the cause of your eczema or skin irritation, this is definitely something to try as detergent can be a common cause of any skin issues.

Nimble Baby detergent can be used on a low temperature wash which allows for it to be a cost effective and environmentally friendly option that will still remove those tough and stubborn stains, keeping clothes bright and clean with a fresh scent. It is also 100% vegan and cruelty free with 100% biodegradable ingredients so you can feel confident that you are reducing your environmental footprint whilst offering your family clean clothes without any irritants.”


For more Christmas gifting inspiration, browse baby gifts at Ocado.

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