Eating Local During Food Shortages – PLUS 4 Easy Recipes!

In the last 18 months we have seen our lives increasingly disrupted from lockdowns and staying in doors to petrol shortages and delivery delays. The recent headlines in the papers indicate we could be in for more months of food product shortages due to delays in transportation issues meaning less variety on our supermarket shelves. […]

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Top 10 Postnatal Superfoods

You grew your baby, you birthed your  baby and now you are caring for your baby. Food is important to provide our bodies with the nutrients it needs to heal and recover from pregnancy and  childbirth. Food also helps support your energy levels and mood. This guide highlights some nutrient dense foods to add to […]

10 Energising Recipes for Tired Mums

A lot of the time we neglect our own health in favour of giving our children the best we possibly can. As a new Mum you may feel exhausted and your own nutrition is the last thing on your mind. Here are 10 of my favourite recipes to nourish you and give you the sustained […]

PCOS Weight Loss Meal Plan & Guide

Do you live with PCOS and find it difficult to lose weight? Do you find it difficult to understand why weight loss works for others but doesn’t seem to work for you? You’re not alone! The simple calories in versus calories out doesn’t work when it comes to PCOS. We have to consider different food […]

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Equipment for Weaning

Weaning is about introducing your child to solid foods at around 6 months old. At first this is alongside your normal feeding routine of breast milk or formula milk, but in time the food will slowly take more of a priority. A lot of parents worry about this stage but rarely think about the type […]

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Weaning Tips: Introducing Nuts

Early introduction of peanuts is thought to help the immune system tolerate peanut proteins. Nuts should be incorporated into an infant’s diet from 6 months of age to prevent sensitivity and maintain tolerance. Research suggests that introducing peanuts between 6-12 months of age can reduce peanut allergy in high risk infants e.g. those with significant […]

Back to School: Building a Healthy Lunchbox

This is the time that I start thinking about the girls going back to school, buying new stationary and uniform. It’s a good time to start thinking about school lunches! Mine have always had school dinners (it works for us) but many of you will be sending your little ones off with a packed lunch […]

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Feed your bubba proudly

I remained open to the idea that I may not breastfeed. My mother only breastfed me for a couple of months and I kept myself informed on the realities of breastfeeding. The pain, mastitis, supply anxiety and other common struggles. When I had my first, I was lucky enough to experience little difficulty, my breastfeeding […]

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Marcela Fiuza – Woman’s Health Dietitian Introduction

Marcela is a dietitian and award winning nutritionist with over 10 years experience working for the NHS and private sector.  She specialises in women’s health including PCOS, endometriosis, fertility, pregnancy, postnatal/maternal nutrition, menopause and weight management. She is a member of the BDA’s specialist Maternal and Fertility Nutrition Group.  In addition, she has a wealth […]

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Lactation Nutrition: 4 Simple Guidelines

As a mom you may be wondering what to eat now that your baby is here. What types of food will nourish your baby, keep yourself healthy and strong and shed the extra pounds that you gained during your pregnancy? As a Midwife and International Board Certified Lactation Consultant this is a subject that I […]

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Raising a child who enjoys eating

Our childhood experiences of food often shape our adult relationships with food, and more and more we are seeing children who have developed or are developing poor relationships with food. These may not always be obvious, or you may notice your child is fussy, over eats or under eats. Food relationships develop from a young […]

5 Days of Nourishing & Energising Snacks for Tired Mums

Click here to download my 5-days-of-nourishing-and-energising-snacks-for-tired-mum-s (3) resource. I know how you feel and it’s hard to focus on yourself when you have a family to look after. But every family needs a strong Mama so it’s super important to make sure you are nourished too! The good news is it’s possible to support energy […]

Healthy Summer Snacks for Pre-schoolers

Healthy Summer Snacks for Pre-schoolers It is important to provide children with the most natural, unprocessed food possible to supply a nutrient dense diet required for growth and development. It is helpful to think of a child’s snack as a mini meal rather than a treat. Our snack culture has shaped the way we see […]

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Worried about Fussy Eating?

Worried about fussy eating? This is a common concern that I discuss with families. See below for my top tips: Avoid unpleasant mealtimes. Bribing, forcing, and pressure to eat can lead to unpleasant and anxious experiences around both familiar and new foods. If a child associates an unpleasant experience with a food or mealtime, this […]

How Do I Get My Child to Eat Fruit and Vegetables?

Do you struggle to get your child to eat their fruit and vegetables? When you hear that 5 a day is the ideal number do you worry that your child does not achieve this? And what is 5 a day? Fruits and vegetables are a great source of fibre, vitamins and minerals which help keep […]

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Cheryl Baig Children’s Dietitian Introduction

Hello everyone and welcome to the Children’s  dietitian. My name is Cheryl and I am a registered paediatric dietitian and if you’re watching this video you’re probably looking for some support for the most precious person in your life and I hope I can help you. So you probably want to know a little bit […]

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Getting Ready for Weaning

Beginning the weaning journey is such an exciting time for so many reasons but it can also be a bit overwhelming with so much to think about and prepare for.  Getting organised in the kitchen will make your life so much easier… and I’m not just talking about the dreaded Tupperware cupboard! I have put […]

Batching Baby Foods!

The weaning journey with your little one is such an exciting time for so many reasons, but let’s be honest…. Regardless of whether you’re a ‘working mum’ or a ‘stay at home’ mum, preparing 3 meals a day can be nothing short of exhausting! Grabbing a home cooked meal from the freezer after a busy […]

Does your Child have a food allergy? Top tips for eating out!

Having a food allergy doesn’t mean that you or your little one has to miss out! Given that a staggering 2 million people in the UK are living with a diagnosed food allergy (not including those with a food intolerance), there is so much more awareness now surrounding allergies; which is great for allergy sufferers […]