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Weaning Tips: Introducing Nuts

Early introduction of peanuts is thought to help the immune system tolerate peanut proteins. Nuts should be incorporated into an infant’s diet from 6 months of age to prevent sensitivity and maintain tolerance. Research suggests that introducing peanuts between 6-12 months of age can reduce peanut allergy in high risk infants e.g. those with significant […]

Does your Child have a food allergy? Top tips for eating out!

Having a food allergy doesn’t mean that you or your little one has to miss out! Given that a staggering 2 million people in the UK are living with a diagnosed food allergy (not including those with a food intolerance), there is so much more awareness now surrounding allergies; which is great for allergy sufferers […]

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Introducing Allergens to your Baby

Whilst the thought of introducing allergens during weaning may seem a little scary for some, it’s worth remembering that only 3-6% of infants in developed countries are diagnosed with a food allergy. That means that 94-97% of infants will not be allergic to any foods.  What are the main food allergens? Cow’s milk Wheat  Egg   […]

Egg Allergy

Egg allergy like many other allergies is caused by the immune system reacting to the protein as if it is harmful, and around 2% of children suffer from an egg allergy, however just like milk allergy, they often outgrow this. Despite this, egg allergy can be dangerous, and children’s reactions can range from a skin […]

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Food allergen avoidance: My top tips

Avoiding allergens can be harder than you think. Here are my tips to keep your child safe: Ensure that you have the support of a medical team if your child has a food allergy, and seek support from a qualified children’s dietitian for diet advice. Food Labels – Within the EU food labels should clearly […]

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Sophie Wilkinson- Sleep Consultant

I am Sophie Wilkinson, a certified Child Sleep consultant. I have two young boys with allergies and reflux. See our sleep journey here and my story about why I want to help others. To continue viewing… Get FREE, unlimited access to all content You must sign up to view more content and gain full access […]

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Food Allergies

Do you think your baby or child has a food allergy or intolerance? If so, please read on for my overview of allergies, however if you are concerned about a specific food allergy or intolerance feel free to get in touch directly. Food Allergy Food allergies are common in children, and often are temporary, but […]

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7 Weaning Myths…Busted!

Weaning is such an exciting milestone for you and your baby but it can also be a confusing one and with so much conflicting advice out there it is difficult to know which advice to follow. So here I am going to debunk some of the common weaning myths to get you started Myth 1 […]

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Eczema kids – not just itchy on the outside!

If your child suffers from eczema, then you probably know how uncomfortable and irritating it is for them. Some kids are real troopers and take the itch and skincare routine on board, where others don’t cope that well and are often quite irritable and tetchy. The itchy burning skin can often disrupt sleep and eczema […]

Cow’s Milk Protein Allergy in Infants

Cow’s milk protein allergy is the most common allergy I see as a paediatric dietitian, and it can be very distressing for babies and their families at an already stressful time. Cow’s milk is not the same as a lactose intolerance as it involves the protein rather than the sugar in cow’s milk. Risk Factors: […]