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Our latest reviews...

Rose Jonsson
03 Mar, 2023
How do I stop those 5am wakings?
This is so helpful! My 18 month old wakes around 5 and we always give her milk, so I may try and hold off until 6am. Do you recommend trying to resettle (I worry this will confuse her and think it's time to get up. Or leaving her and trying to ignore?
Sam Bevins
06 Jan, 2023
Review on bloss expert:
Leanne Stitt
Leanne gave me great advice on breastfeeding, what to expect after a c-section and also what to expect being a new mum. She took time out to answer all my questions only weeks after having her new baby Liv even before she became a doula. She helped by giving me tips and support for breastfeeding and because of her support and continued support me and my 11 month old son are still going strong with the breastfeeding.
19 Dec, 2022
Ask Joanne Lozman a Question!
Hi, Joanne. A few days before my baby turned 3months I started putting him in his crib when he showed signs of tiredness and incentivizing him to fall asleep on his own - we were just getting started and I still had to be sat next to him for him to fall asleep. However, we caught covid almost immediately after this and since then (3 weeks) sleep is chaotic, Lucas will only fall asleep being held and he fights even this - sometimes only with breastfeeding can I get him down. Feeds always took a long time (40 - 60 min) but now he constantly falls asleep feeding from tiredness, I think. I feel I also lost the ability to soothe him without giving the breast. He is now 16 weeks and I want to help him and myself rest better. Thank you.