Are the back to school jitters settling in yet? If you answered yes, you aren’t alone. In fact, it’s only normal that both you and your little ones are feeling slightly uneasy about this return. We’ve gathered a list of our top tips to make the transition as smooth as possible, and hopefully have both parents and kids feeling positive and confident about the start of the school year!

Our 5 back to school top tips:

  1. Routine, routine routine! It’s time to get back into a routine that suits ‘school life’. The routine that works for your family is something you’ll know a lot better than us as we’re all different, but what we’ll all likely agree on is: early to bed and early to rise! In short, ensure you’re all getting enough sleep and get back into your routine (no not the holiday one ?)

  2. Plan some healthy snacks. This might sound like a silly idea, but having a few go to healthy snack ideas and ensuring you always have the ingredients in the fridge will save you time and especially last minute lunchbox packing when inspiration fails. A few of our favourites are: cucumber and carrot sticks, apple slices with your nut butter of choice, fresh fruits, dried fruits.

  3. Enjoy the outdoors. If you want a stress free start to the school year, get the kids outside. Whether that be walks through nature or a game of football, regular outdoor activities increase your child’s overall well being, and that, you want to boost before school opens its doors!

  4. Check you have uniforms and stationary sorted. The last thing you want is the wrong coloured shirt on a Monday morning. So ensure you have all uniforms sorted, and better yet, create yourself a wash schedule so you always have clean shirts. On a similar trail of thought, check your kids have the stationary they need, and buy duplicates for when things go missing!

  5. Get your after school care sorted! It’s no secret that work and school hours do not align, and that can be a nightmare for many families. This is where CocoRio comes in. We have a great pool of multilingual creative sitters who can ensure your children are well taken care of while also sharing their creative expertise and/or language with your kids. Our sitters are all active in the creative industries, so when they aren’t looking after your children, they may be exhibiting their art or performing in front of a big audience, pretty exciting right?

We hope our top tips come in handy and you have a smooth transition back! All the best for the year ahead!

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