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Hypnobirthing, contrary to popular belief, is actually really scientific and evidence-based. In this blog post, we’re going to talk you through the science behind hypnobirthing and specifically about the two hormones that are at play when you give birth; oxytocin and adrenaline.

Oxytocin is our ‘feel good’ hormone. It’s what the body releases when we have a cuddle, when we have sex, when we have an orgasm or when we have a laugh. It’s also the hormone that fuels labour. No way, you’re thinking? YES way.

Every single surge (contraction) you experience in labour is fuelled by oxytocin. So much so that if you’re induced, the drug you’re given is called ‘Syntocinon’, which is literally just synthetic oxytocin.

Labour is designed to feel GOOD. Whether your labour is spontaneous or induced, you’ll be fuelled by lovely oxytocin.

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