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Becky Taylor – Baby Loss Story

I should probably start by telling you I never wanted children. I was going to be the cool aunt, never the Mum. That was before I met Joe. He was a game changer for me – one my mother, sister, cousins will always be thankful for. When you meet the love of your life (In […]

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Chloe’s Story – ‘There Is Light After Baby Loss’

Hello, I’m Chloe and this is my daughter Daphne who is one. Almost two years ago we lost our first son Leo, 5 months into my pregnancy when my waters broked prematurely (PPROM). Unfortunately, this was just 4 weeks prior to what is classified as “viable” gestation. I don’t think anyone could prepare you for […]

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A Saying Goodbye Film | Every Baby Matters | Spoken Word

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Advice and Support for Baby Loss

Baby loss is not just a story of grief, of pain and tears; it’s a story of love, of celebration, of becoming parents. It’s a place where sorrow and love collide, where dreams lay shattered on the floor, but simultaneously a new view of life can be birthed. It is only when the silent scream […]

Navigating Pre-Natal Depression: Malin Andersson

Malin Andersson – Navigating Pre-Natal Depression As we’re approaching baby loss awareness week, I write this blog with a heavy but also light heart. I’m currently pregnant with my second child, but as many of you may know, I’m still grieving the loss of my first child, Consy. After giving birth at 32 weeks and […]

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Tips to Control Anxiety

These tips can assist anyone who has felt triggered by discussion of the content in the talk from our Instagram LIVE. More detailed information can be found on the handout and workshop around trauma, also available on my page. Tips to control anxiety: Refocus your attention! Concentrate really hard on something in your environment: colours, […]

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Understanding the stressful journey of birth

This course is all about trying to make sense of stress and trauma that may occur for some parents in the process of conception, pregnancy, delivery or post delivery complications or medical interventions of any kind. This course provides very important education around the body’s response to stress and trauma, which in itself can be […]

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Mindful Parenting

This handout is all about how to become a more mindful parent. Being more mindful allows us to begin to look after ourselves as parents by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By acting more mindful we can also begin to understand our child more, understand and recognize their needs and begin to […]

Raising Awareness of Premature Babies NICU

Going into labour early is a scary and stressful time for any parent. The busy and noisy NICU environment can be overwhelming with different machines beeping and doctors and nurses talking to you about the care your baby needs. But, there will be an end to this period of your baby’s journey – here NICU […]

How do I stop those 5am wakings?

One of the most common questions I get asked is ‘how to stop early wakings’ and ‘why is my child always waking at 5am?’. So many families reach out to me because their little ones wake early and they can’t settle them back to sleep. It’s so tough. It’s tough for your little one as […]