The SEN Expert – Services

Service List Support for Young People Mentoring Are you struggling with school? Finding social situations difficult to navigate? Need help finding what support you are entitled to as a young person with special educational needs? Mentoring with The SEN Expert offers you a bespoke mentoring support programme. Following an initial planning meeting we will design a mentoring […]

Between – Behaviour Rewards

Reward star charts are a good strategy for short term behaviours/ action/ work that you want to see your between change. They offer a reward when your between has consistently been doing the desired behaviours (and you can have mini rewards along the way to maintain interest). 💭 Discuss the WHY! Why is it important […]

Toddlers – Tidy Up Time

So you’ve tucked your little one into bed, you’re ready to FINALLY relax only to look around and realise there are still toys everywhere! 😱🤯 Sound familiar? Involving your children in the tidy-up process is not only beneficial for you but it is actually building resilience, patience and self-esteem – skills they’ll need for the […]

Benefits of Sensory Play

Sensory play has many benefits to aid the development of your child. Be prepared to get messy (an apron and a wipe-able mat on the floor is always a good idea!). I also swear by the Tuff Trays, or some sort of area with a lip just to try and contain the mess a little […]

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When Should I Stop Dressing My Child?

As therapists, one of the things that we hear so often from parents is ‘I know I shouldn’t have done all this for them, but now he/she just won’t do it’. Sadly, often they’re quite right. If children have been dressed by their parent/carer until they are aged 6, 7 or even 8 and have […]

Play and Development: Toys to Consider

Children from a very early age enjoy play, even without toys. There are a few basic things to think about before buying children’s toys. Is your child actually going to play with the toy, how are they going to play with it and can it help to develop their skills? Below are a few ideas […]

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The Benefits of Sand Play

If you live near the coast, then you and your child can look forward to spending sunny (and cloudy days too!) on the beach, building sandcastles together or taking a paddle in the sea. But, not everyone is lucky enough to live near the coast or has easy access to the beach. If that’s the […]

Who is The SEN Expert?

The SEN Expert offers a range of services for young people, families and schools. We offer support for parents to help navigate the complex world of Special Educational Needs. We will work with you closely to ensure the best for your child. Services offered include Education Health Care Plan (EHCP) ‘Health Checks’, diagnosis guidance, advocacy […]

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Tips to Control Anxiety

These tips can assist anyone who has felt triggered by discussion of the content in the talk from our Instagram LIVE. More detailed information can be found on the handout and workshop around trauma, also available on my page. Tips to control anxiety: Refocus your attention! Concentrate really hard on something in your environment: colours, […]

NICU – Baby Jackson’s Story | Bloss Real Parent Series

When you are 27 weeks pregnant the last words you want or expect to hear are “We need to go to theatre as your baby is coming”. This was probably the scariest thing I have heard and started what will be a very long and scary journey through the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).  I went […]

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Hello and Welcome to The Practical Child

Watch the video to find out more about The Practical Child and how they help parents, or you can read the transcript of the video here: Video transcript Hi there, welcome to the practical child. My name is Sally and I’m a children’s occupational therapist. And my name is Kirsty and I’m a children’s physiotherapist. […]

Back to School Advice – For You. Yes, Parents!

Returning to school is always a mix of emotions. There’s high hopes and excitement for the year alongside that uncomfortable ‘upside-down feeling in your tummy’, as some of our members call it! Back-to-school nerves are common for many children. It’s understandable as there’s a lot of new things to contend with – new routines, new […]

Managing a Successful School Return!

The return to school, starting school for the first time, moving from one school to another, all of these things can lead to anxiety in ourselves and our child in the run up to the big day and at the school gates. Spending some time thinking about the root of this anxiety; where it is […]