Teens – Awareness of The Internal Critic

We want to help our teens recognise their unhelpful thinking styles and how these have influenced patterns of behaviour. Psychology Tools lists the following styles: 🔻All or Nothing Thinking – ‘if I’m not perfect, I’ve failed’ or ‘either I do it right or not at all’ 🔻 Mental Filter – only noticing failures but not […]

Teens – Consent

Consent is a term which every young person needs to understand, know and be comfortable using.👌 Teaching the topic of consent will be or is already in your teen’s new ‘Relationship, Sex and Health Education’ UK based curriculum at school, so following up or starting those conversations at home is super important! To continue viewing… […]

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13 ways to help your child manage their stress

Stress is the body’s reaction to a challenge. Depending on how you perceive this challenge, stress can be experienced as ‘good’ or ‘bad’.  For example:  When you are about to go on the rugby pitch you may feel stressed, but this type of stress will make you sharper and increases your performance  When you are […]

The Value of One-to-One Tuition

It’s well known that children learn at different speeds. Some will pick things up really quickly, while others will take a little longer to grasp something. This is ok – children aren’t the same. However, if you feel your child is falling behind at school or if they need some extra support, one-to-one tuition can […]

Play and Development: Toys to Consider

Children from a very early age enjoy play, even without toys. There are a few basic things to think about before buying children’s toys. Is your child actually going to play with the toy, how are they going to play with it and can it help to develop their skills? Below are a few ideas […]

Back to School: Building a Healthy Lunchbox

This is the time that I start thinking about the girls going back to school, buying new stationary and uniform. It’s a good time to start thinking about school lunches! Mine have always had school dinners (it works for us) but many of you will be sending your little ones off with a packed lunch […]

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Hello and Welcome to The Practical Child

Watch the video to find out more about The Practical Child and how they help parents, or you can read the transcript of the video here: Video transcript Hi there, welcome to the practical child. My name is Sally and I’m a children’s occupational therapist. And my name is Kirsty and I’m a children’s physiotherapist. […]

Back to School Advice – For You. Yes, Parents!

Returning to school is always a mix of emotions. There’s high hopes and excitement for the year alongside that uncomfortable ‘upside-down feeling in your tummy’, as some of our members call it! Back-to-school nerves are common for many children. It’s understandable as there’s a lot of new things to contend with – new routines, new […]

Managing a Successful School Return!

The return to school, starting school for the first time, moving from one school to another, all of these things can lead to anxiety in ourselves and our child in the run up to the big day and at the school gates. Spending some time thinking about the root of this anxiety; where it is […]

How to Find the Right Nanny for You

It’s becoming more and more common for both parents to have careers, and why not! I’m all for parents working and enjoying their career. Stereotypically…a mother would usually stay home with their children, bringing them up, cooking their meals and sorting the laundry. However, its 2021, and why can’t women work like men do? Working […]

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Burnout to Balance Online Course

Want a quantum shift into balance? Burnout To Balance™ has been described as “Miraculous”. Look at everything you’re about to leave behind: Low energy levels, overwhelm, fatigue and depletion – You’ll learn exactly how to hold the energy of a balanced, happy, connected mama, so you can embody strong boundaries and encourage your family to […]

How To Give Your Child More Independence…

Confidence is one of the greatest gifts we can give children. Allowing your child to become more independent as they grow up, is a great life skill for them to learn from a young age. As grown ups, whether you’re a parent or a care giver, you’ll be there to guide them through and let […]

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Banish Those ‘Back To School’ Blues!

Back To School Blues With the summer holidays drawing to an end everyone’s mind is turning to school. For some parents it’s a welcome thought, the return of routine, organisation and perhaps a bit of quiet during the day! For other parents it’s as disappointing as it is for the children, perhaps you have mixed […]

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Mindful Parenting

This handout is all about how to become a more mindful parent. Being more mindful allows us to begin to look after ourselves as parents by paying attention to our thoughts, feelings and behaviours. By acting more mindful we can also begin to understand our child more, understand and recognize their needs and begin to […]

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Course materials for Managing Difficult Behaviour

Want to join the workshop ‘Managing Difficult Behaviours’ but can’t? Here you can simply purchase the course handouts which for many parents may be enough to support them to make changes. There are three handouts; Is all about trying to understand behaviour, why does it occur, what does it mean and how can I begin […]