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Ahhh liver. Before you turn your nose up at this poorly appreciated superfood, hear me out. I too used to be against liver. I didn’t grow up eating it—although my immigrant mother did — and the thought and taste turned me off. That is, until I started researching all the health benefits of liver and realized this humble organ meat was considered a sacred food for many of our ancestors. What was the hype all about? Keep reading…

Despite common belief, the liver does not store toxins the body cannot eliminate, it neutralizes them. However, the liver does store valuable vitamins such as Vitamins A, D, E, K, B12, folate, and the minerals copper and iron—this is what makes it such a powerhouse of micronutrients. Liver has 10x the amount of nutrients as regular muscle meat or fruits and vegetables. In addition, liver has a special “anti-fatigue” factor which researchers discovered in several studies with rats. To see just how liver compares to other foods, check out Chris Kresser’s micronutrient chart.

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