Lochia is the term given to the blood loss after having a baby. It is a combination of blood from the placental site, amniotic fluid and mucous. For the majority of women or birthing people, the postnatal bleeding can last up to six weeks, with the majority of women having scanty and minimal loss around the 4-5 week mark.

How many pads will I need?

  • In the first few days, you will require around 8-10 pads, changing every 2-3 hours both for comfort, and hygiene and to reduce the chances of infection.
  • Around day 5, this will lessen to around 4-5 hours for the majority of women.
  • By around day 10-14 the majority of women will have decreased the size and thickness of their pads and be changing less frequently at around 6-8 hours.
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