The time has come to graduate from nappies to pants, hello potty training. For each child, the age on this really varies, but any time from 2 and a half is a good start. Some children may be eager to whip those nappies off , whereas others may need a little more encouragement! Don’t compare your child to anyone else’s, remember they will all get there eventually. Being nappy free definitely has its perks, and will of course save you those pennies, nappies are pricey! Here are some of my tips and tricks to make this transition as smooth (and as dry) as possible…


Take a special trip to the shop and let them pick out their own pants! They may be the brightest pants in the entire shop, but just roll with it. Make it a big deal and get super excited, this way they’ll feel really enthusiastic themselves. Giving them some form of independence in this process will really help them want to wear them. 


First up, decide whether you’re doing potty training, or killing two birds with one stone and going straight for the loo. Whatever you and your little one decide, stick with it. 

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