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There’s a really frustrating problem that can cause angst, stress and exhaustion during your pregnancy days and that’s the double-whammy of feeling extra fatigued whilst also struggling to sleep. It can seem painfully unfair, and no amount of anyone telling you that it’s preparing you for the newborn days is actually helping. Knowing how to sleep during pregnancy, from the best sleeping position, to tips to sleep better, is essential.

How to get sleep during pregnancy: the problem

It’s very common, during the first trimester when your hormones are adjusting enormously, to feel very tired and fatigued. Even if you’re getting more sleep, it’s not unusual to feel tired.

As your pregnancy progresses, and particularly during the third trimester, you may feel tired due to the added weight and reduced lung capacity. You may also find it harder to sleep with your bump, or because you feel like your baby has turned up the thermostat, or is using your bladder as a trampoline.

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