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A unique 4-pillar plan, to instil confidence from pregnancy to birth.

The huge changes that occur in our body throughout pregnancy can sometimes be challenging to adapt to both on a physical and psychological level. Dr Leah has designed the completely unique 4-Pillar approach of the Pregnancy Yoga Plan to encompass 4 essential areas. Including almost 7 hours of video and audio content plus BONUS materials. She created this course using her years of expertise as an Obstetrician and experienced Yoga Teacher and filmed this comprehensive course during her own pregnancy, giving you access to these 4 key pillars:

MOVE: 9 yoga classes totalling 5 hours, ranging from 30-55minutes in length and varying in intensity from relaxing bedtime Yin wind down, a gentle preparation for birth sequence, to more active vinyasa inspired sequences focusing on common areas of complaint such as pelvic girdle pain and sciatica

KNOW: 4 obstetrician led classes, taking you through the changes that happen in pregnancy all the way through to birth. We include a class to focus on the mechanisms of birth and key yoga poses you can use to help facilitate the experience.
BREATHE: 4 focussed breathing classes or pranayama, guided techniques to help with aiding feelings of calm and reducing anxiety, techniques to help in labour and a BONUS class to help you through birth, including techniques that have been shown to reduce the risk of tearing
BE: This module focusses on your mental wellbeing and includes 3 classes to help still the mind and help connect in with your baby, including a guided meditation and a downloadable mp3 yoga nidra, a practice unique to yoga, which helps in aiding sleep.

The driving purpose of The Pregnancy Yoga Plan is to give you the essential tools that Dr Leah has seen to be key in understanding and supporting the connection with your body and your baby. We want you to finish the course feeling empowered with the knowledge of the changes happening in your body and feel prepared and strong as you enter birth and motherhood on every level.

The course is online, so it’s available and accessible any time. 

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Suitable Regardless of Your Yoga Experience

Our bodies change hugely as we grow another human being and this can mean that our usual yoga practice, may just not feel as though it’s serving you in the way that you need. Perhaps you’ve never practiced yoga before but have heard of the benefits that it brings in pregnancy and you want to give it a go. Either way, we’ve got you covered.

Expert Designed & Safe

This course was filmed in the final trimester of Leah’s own pregnancy, so not only are you benefiting from her wealth of experience as an obstetrician and prenatal yoga teacher, but you can feel confident that the classes are safe and manageable in your own pregnancy.

Breaking The Mold

Yoga in pregnancy, can mean different things to different people, there is no one size fits all and finding the style that works for you is key. Regular yoga classes may not cater for the changes our bodies go through in pregnancy. Conversely, it’s common to find an approach to prenatal yoga classes where, instead of being treated as a normal physiological state, pregnant women are treated as though they need to be wrapped in cotton wool. We wanted to break away from the mold and find a balance, allowing women to feel energized but also using the opportunity as a way to help connect with your body and your baby. We repeatedly have women telling us how good it feels to actually move in these classes.