AVOID BURNOUT – top breathwork tips to help you reduce stress now

When you hear the definition of ‘Burnout’ you can understand why it’s such a buzzword at the moment, especially amongst parents. “Burnout is a form of exhaustion caused by constantly feeling swamped. It is a result of excessive and prolonged emotional, physical and mental stress.” The charity MIND recently conducted research and concluded ‘there are […]

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What to Expect When You’re Expecting Twins

Finding out you’re expecting twins, well it’s a shock, You may be thinking to the future and wondering how you’ll cope looking after two newborns at once, or how little sleep you’ll get in the first year. After the news has sunk in that you’re having twins, you’ll probably have lots of questions about what […]

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You’re Expecting Twins!

Firstly, congratulations on your news that you’re expecting twins as I’m guessing that’s why you’re here! It’s going to be such a special journey and you should try to cherish all of it. The news that you’re going to have two babies not one, can take some time to sink, and it’s only natural to […]

Pregnant, Not Perfect

Although it really is a miracle and so many are so grateful to be pregnant, pregnancy can be tough and that is often overlooked. Your body’s priority is literally creating a new human from scratch and because so many people do it, not enough credit or care gets given to pregnant women. We have this […]

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The Essential Stretch Routine – Pregnancy Safe!

Join bloss Pilates Expert Natalie Clough as she guides you through a short and sweet stretch routine that will help open up the body – leaving you feeling long, supple and relaxed. Get rid of all tension in your body with this easy home workout, suitable throughout pregnancy. All you will need are some cushions, a […]

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15 Minute Prenatal Exercises – Safe During Pregnancy!

Join bloss Pilates Expert Natalie Clough as she guides you through a quick 15 minute prenatal pilates workout, suitable throughout your pregnancy and can be easily done at home. This low-intensity workout will leave all of you mums-to-be feeling supple, stretched and relaxed. All you need are some cushions! Click the video below to begin your […]

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Tips to Control Anxiety

These tips can assist anyone who has felt triggered by discussion of the content in the talk from our Instagram LIVE. More detailed information can be found on the handout and workshop around trauma, also available on my page. Tips to control anxiety: Refocus your attention! Concentrate really hard on something in your environment: colours, […]

C Section Advice for Fathers

Birth is a naturally worrying time for the dad-to-be, but often an area overlooked is what happens if the mum of your baby or partner has a caesarean. C-section advice for fathers, in addition to the information available for mums, is important. With the right knowledge and insight, you’ll be able to navigate this experience […]

8 Tips to Settle your Newborn Baby in the Postpartum Period

Attempting to settle a newborn baby in the postpartum period can leave many parents feeling concerned, helpless and upset. After all, the fourth trimester is a time where your baby is adapting to the outside world. It feels alien to them, it feels overwhelming, and their brain is developing hugely at this stage. They have […]

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Baby Walkers – The pros and cons

This video by The Practical Child discusses some of the positives and negatives of the two main types of baby walkers available to purchase. If you can’t watch the video, here is a transcript of what’s discussed: Hello, and welcome to the practical child. My name is Kirsty and I’m a children’s physiotherapist. Today we’re […]

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What Exercise is Safe During Pregnancy?

Firstly lets answer the safety question, yes, it’s absolutely safe and also recommended by the NHS for women during pregnancy to partake in regular exercise. As a pre and postnatal specialist the question around whether its safe and what to avoid when pregnant is a question I often get asked and with good reason. I […]

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Tips to Sleep Better at Night During Pregnancy

There’s a really frustrating problem that can cause angst, stress and exhaustion during your pregnancy days and that’s the double-whammy of feeling extra fatigued whilst also struggling to sleep. It can seem painfully unfair, and no amount of anyone telling you that it’s preparing you for the newborn days is actually helping. Knowing how to […]

Morning Sickness & Mental Health

This blog post discusses topics such as mental health illness and eating disorders which could be uncomfortable or triggering for some people. If you find the subjects in this article difficult to deal with please make sure that you share how you feel with someone. You can find support at BEAT, Mind and similar charities […]


Relax your body and quieten the mind with this free relaxation session for pregnancy. A chance to connect to baby, breath and body and take some much needed time to slow down and relax. Working into the theta brainwaves Aimee will help guide you to a state of mind free from worries and will welcome […]

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Understanding Jaundice in your baby

As a new parent you may have heard about ‘jaundice’ in your antenatal classes, you may have heard other parents or family members speak about it, or it may be something entirely new. Either way, hearing about jaundice can often be alarming. The best antidote to this fear is information – information about what to […]