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Going into labour early is a scary and stressful time for any parent. The busy and noisy NICU environment can be overwhelming with different machines beeping and doctors and nurses talking to you about the care your baby needs. But, there will be an end to this period of your baby’s journey – here NICU Nurse Sophie Proud talks about her own mother’s experience of having a prem baby and why being born early inspired Sophie to take up nursing.

Where my NICU story started

After being told she couldn’t have children and adopting my sister, Aimee, my mam discovered she was pregnant with twins. In April 1996, when she was 23 weeks and 6 days pregnant, she did not feel well and overnight she went into labour. She was transferred to the regional hospital as they didn’t have the equipment needed to give me a chance of life at our local hospital and despite trying to stop the labour, the team had to do an emergency C-section.

Beth was born first, she weighed 1lb 4oz and did not cry, she just grunted. I was born second, weighing 1lb 7oz and I cried. We were whisked away and my mam did not know what had happened to us.

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