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Baba West Organic Cotton Camel Maternity Two-piece

Our Postnatal Towelling Tracksuit is the ultimate in new mama loungewear! Made from navy towelling fabric, this super-soft two piece features subtle zips at the bust for easy access when breastfeeding or pumping. Ultimate comfort for the postnatal period Hooded tracksuit top and pull in tracksuit bottoms Super-soft towelling cotton material Hidden zips for easy […]


Baba West Navy Organic Cotton Towelling Postnatal Two-piece

We’ve joined forces with Baba West to bring you a postnatal towelling two-piece – the ultimate in new mama loungewear! Made from organic cotton navy towelling fabric with OEKO TEX-certified dyes, this soft two-piece features subtle zips at the bust for easy access when breastfeeding or pumping. Ultimate comfort for the postnatal period Hooded tracksuit top and […]


Comfort Down Under – Postnatal Perineal Care

Invaluable for the days immediately after your delivery, this soothing blend of essential oils and plant extracts cools on contact and helps keep the perineum clean and fresh and is safe to use with stitches. There is nothing more vital than a soothing cream for ‘down under’ post birth. This healing blend of essential oils […]


Revital Essence, Postnatal & Breastfeeding Supplement

After you have given birth and if you have started breastfeeding, your body has another set of nutritional requirements. Revital Essence includes important nutrients such as Calcium, which is important for the development of baby’s bones and teeth, and Vitamin D which helps support continuing cellular growth. We’ve added Choline too, an essential nutrient necessary […]


Apply For The re|Born Postpartum Method

Are you ready to re|BUILD your core? re|CLAIM your body? re|VITALISE your mind and spirit? re|TURN to fitness postpartum stronger than you have EVER been?  ENROLMENT IS OPEN FOR MAY INTAKE! BOOK IN YOUR FREE 15 MIN CONSULT AND CLARITY CALL TODAY! The re|BORN Postpartum programme is tailored to you and your individual goals and […]


The re|Birth To 6 Weeks Mini Course

YOU DON’T NEED TO WAIT 6 WEEKS TO START YOUR POSTPARTUM FITNESS JOURNEY.  re|CONNECT to your deep core re|COORDINATE your breathing re|CLAIM your confidence in knowing where to start your postpartum fitness journey. The ideal course to give you and your body the best beginnings, getting you started slowly on your postpartum fitness journey back […]

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Ask Deborah Rose a Question

Looking for quick, accessible expert advice? Curious about trying Ayurveda for your postnatal recovery? Looking for alternative health practices during pregnancy? Interested to know how Ayurveda can support your baby or child’s wellbeing? Ask Deborah any questions related to Ayurveda for a holistic pregnancy, Ayurveda for postpartum healing, Ayurveda for baby and toddler’s wellbeing, meditative […]


Ask Rachel Prince a Question!

Need quick expert advice to help you feel strong, confident and pain-free throughout each stage of pregnancy and postpartum? Whether you are trying to conceive or pregnant, new to exercise or CrossFit enthusiast, Rachel will meet you where you are, helping you; how to move safely and stay strong, considerations for core and pelvic health, […]

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Ask an expert anything!

Need quick expert advice without breaking the bank? Feeling stressed, unprepared and unsure where to turn for help?? Ask us any question that’s troubling you – whether fertility, pregnancy or parent (baby to teens) related – and we’ll connect you with one of 200+ experts who can respond to you within 24 hours. Our trusted […]

LETO Postnatal Assessment

Ask LETO a Question

Looking for quick, accessible expert advice? Worried about bladder weakness? Experiencing pain or discomfort since having a baby? Is sex painful but you’re not sure why? Ask LETO a question about any of the following and they will personally reply within 24 hours: General physiotherapy Pelvic health C-section recovery Abdominoplasty recovery tips Pre and postnatal […]


Ask Maria Elliott a Question

Looking for quick, accessible expert advice? Questions about your postnatal recovery? Wondering which exercises will help with your specific pelvic dysfunction? Unsure who to talk to about your pelvic symptoms? Ask Maria any pelvic health questions, postnatal recovery, manual therapy, dynamic exercises, functional rehabilitation and she will personally respond to you within 24 hours. When […]


All About Mum Webinar: Pregnancy Edition

This 75 minute webinar covers all the topics that every pregnant woman should be educated about. Come and join to learn more about how to look after yourself during and after pregnancy. Topics covered are: • The pelvic floor • The pregnant core • Preparing for birth • Pelvic & Back pain • Recovery after […]