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Baby feeding self in highchair

Weaning Workshop with Helen Davies

Thinking about starting weaning? Wondering where to start? Perhaps you’re wondering what the signs are to show that your little one is ready, or maybe you’re wondering how to reduce milk feeds? You might be feeling apprehensive about the risk of choking, or how to cope with allergies or fussy eating? Introducing your baby to solid foods […]


FREE WEBINAR | Menopause awareness workshops and training for employers and employees

Corinna Bordoli is hosting a 30-minute online webinar about how employers can support their staff with menopause awareness workshops and training, aimed at improving staff wellbeing and retention. 32% of women consider leaving their job during the menopause. Corinna’s corporate menopause awareness training workshops equip management teams and employees with the knowledge and skills to […]

Positive about periods

MENARCHE: Positive Period Parenting Webinar

Definition of menarche:  the beginning of the menstrual function especially: the first menstrual period of an individual Becoming the parent of a tween can often present new challenges, and managing how to positively explore menstruation and puberty is often one of them! Many parents did not have the greatest experience of this themselves, which only […]