At a glance:

  • The majority of women have no income-protection insurance, meaning they could be financially vulnerable in the event of sickness or injury
  • Employer sick-pay schemes aren’t guaranteed, and statutory sick pay could still leave many households struggling to pay the bills
  • An adviser can explain the different levels of income-protection insurance and help you choose the right combination of policies for you – these often come with extra benefits, such as counselling and physiotherapy, that are only available when you buy through an adviser

From our possessions to our holidays, most of us have plenty of insurance plans in place. However, while we’re quick to insure our belongings, we’re all too often slightly short-sighted when it comes to protecting the income that funds them.

“It’s human nature,” explains Chelsea Collins, Third Party Protection Relationship Adviser at St. James’s Place Wealth Management. “We understand that someone might break into our house and steal our wedding ring, but we can’t envision things happening directly to us.”

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