If you’re considering a vegan diet for you and your family and you’re wondering how to make it work, you may find this parent-to-parent advice helpful for understanding how I managed a healthy vegan pregnancy and how I’ve raised my son vegan since birth.

Questions you might have at the beginning of your family’s plant-based journey may include:

  • Is a vegan diet suitable during pregnancy?
  • Can you breastfeed on a vegan diet?
  • Is breastmilk vegan?
  • Is a vegan diet suitable for children?

It’s reassuring to know that NHS guidelines support the fact that a well-planned, well-balanced vegan diet is suitable for people of all ages, including pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers and children. It can be harder to ensure all nutrients are met, and it does take some research and advanced planning, but it absolutely can be done, and vegans of all ages are able to thrive just as much as their non-vegan peers, if their food is varied and abundant enough.

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