Becoming a parent is full of contradictions: I love my baby but I’m finding motherhood really hard. I’m enjoying nesting but I miss my old life. I know there are 24 hours in a day but today feels like it’s lasted several decades...

Perhaps one of the biggest contradictions of all is how sex can be both the first and the last thing on your mind. First, because you’re fretting about how and when to get your sex life back to normal, and last, because – for various reasons – you’ve started to feel as sexy as a damp breast pad.At LETO, we hear all sorts of worries about how new mothers are feeling physically and mentally, and it’s our honour to help them reach a place of physical wellbeing - getting them back to strength and boosting their confidence in the meantime.The first thing we always want them to know is that they’re not alone: pregnancy, birth and new parenthood bring a range of stressors - from incontinence, overcoming a traumatic birth and painful sex – there’s nothing we haven’t seen before.So, what are the problems you might face as a new mother worried about a return to intimacy with your partner, and what can we do about them?
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