Hi, my name’s Sarah Patel, and I’m an infant sleep consultant and I’m going to talk to you today about some common sleep issues and how you can support these.
The eight months sleep progression. So in terms of what’s going on around the eight months, sleep progression is actually a developmental leap, which lots of parents find coincides with a huge development in terms of things like crawling, uh, babbling, suddenly understanding that they can be separated from you.

So going through separation anxiety and dropping that third nap. So all of those things combined can, can cause sleep during the night to go through a little bit of a dip.

So some things you can do to help during this time, practice those skills during the day, get outside as much as possible to regulate that body clock and see if you can keep a consistent bedtime and a consistent bedtime routine.

This is a time again where your little one might need more support, not less. And so if you’re worried about creating a rod for your own back, it’s much better to offer them more support whilst they need it. As soon as they come out of this particular development, they’ll probably be up for you taking that support away, which you can do really, really gradually.