Hi, my name’s Sarah Patel, and I’m an infant sleep consultant and I’m going to talk to you today about some common sleep issues and how you can support these. So here are some tips to help your newborn sleep a little bit longer.

So first of all, just know that you can’t spoil your baby. So lots of cuddles and skin to skin and research actually shows that this grows, the part of your brain, the social and the emotional part and we know how important that is so lots of touch and cuddles.

When it comes to sleep, getting to know your baby’s individual needs are really important. And when it comes to newborn sleep, there’s actually a huge range in sleep needs. There’s some babies only need nine hours in a 24 hour period and some needing 18 and a 24 hour period. So keeping an eye on your baby, look out for their sleepy signals. And as soon as you see them, support them to take that sleep.