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Self-care is maintaining personal wellbeing and health. The things you do on a regular basis that have a short-term impact in your health and wellbeing. Self-investment is investing time and energy in things that contribute to your happiness and general wellbeing. The things you do every so often that have a mid-to-long term impact in your health and wellbeing.

The way I like to differentiate them is by imagining a ‘wellbeing bank account’: self-investment is what you put into your ‘wellbeing bank account’ and self-care is the daily management of your ‘wellbeing expenses’.

Everyone has access to some form of self-care every day like running a hot bath, having a cup of tea, exercising, keeping your space clean and tidy, etc. Self-Investment is something you don’t necessarily think of every day like setting a daily routine or rituals, choosing what type of people to surround yourself in, etc. I believe that when you get the balance right, between self-care and self-investment, then self-care becomes less of a ‘necessity’ and more of an ‘indulgence’.

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