Service List

Support for Young People


Are you struggling with school? Finding social situations difficult to navigate? Need help finding what support you are entitled to as a young person with special educational needs? Mentoring with The SEN Expert offers you a bespoke mentoring support programme. Following an initial planning meeting we will design a mentoring package for you that fits your needs, and can take place in-person or remotely. During your weekly mentoring sessions The SEN Expert will work with you for up to 1 hour a week to provide you with the support you need. Together, you will create a plan-of-action for the following week that will support you in achieving your goals.

Mentoring starts at £60 per hour depending on individual requirements.

Diagnosis Support

Being diagnosed with special educational needs can be a challenge. However, that does not have to be the case. A diagnosis, if properly understood by all involved, can open many doors and be a life changing and positive experience.¬†The SEN Expert¬†will provide you and anyone else you nominate with a¬†Diagnosis Support Session¬†‚Äď a how-to-guide on how to lead a successful and happy life with your new diagnosis. You will be provided with a range of resources to take away and follow-up support sessions upon request.

Diagnosis Support Sessions start at £140 per 2-hour session depending on individual requirements.

Revision & Exam Support

Preparing for exams is challenging, especially when you have a learning difference that means you remember things differently.¬†The SEN Expert¬†will work with you to design ways of revising and retaining information that is linked to your needs ‚Äď so that you can go into your exams happy and confident. We also offer a¬†Exams Concession Health Check. The Health Check will ensure that you are receiving the exam concessions you deserve and that your school or college is putting everything in place to ensure you are well supported during your examinations.

Revision and Exam Support sessions are recommended on a weekly basis, at least six weeks prior to an examination and start at £60.

Exam Concession Health Check starts at £100. One session is required. This must take place before the Spring Term and liaison with your school or college is required.

Support for Parents

EHCP Application Support

We provide support for parents, young people and schools to complete the application process for EHCPs. The SEN Expert has a 100% success rate with EHCP applications and has increased funding in many applications, in some instances by as much as £25,000. A successful EHCP application not only means funding, it can also mean securing the school of choice for your child. EHCP Application Support will ensure this process is hassle-free and your child secures the outcome they deserve. This package will include a telephone conversation or meeting with parents to discuss the EHCP. The SEN Expert also offers support with EHCP meetings in schools at an additional cost.

EHCP Application Support starts at £250, depending on the individual case.

EHCP Health Check

A thorough check of your child’s EHCP to ensure that all the strengths and difficulties described in the EHCP assessment and, where applicable, annual reviews of the EHC Plan are included in the EHCP, with appropriate outcomes and specific provision relating to each identified area of need included.

This package will include a telephone conversation or meeting with parents to discuss the EHCP and parents’ views, and a written report following the check identifying any areas of concern.

EHCP Health Check starts at £250, depending on the individual case. Attendance to educational settings will be at an additional cost.

EHCP Tribunal Support

Sometimes you may find yourself in a situation where your child’s needs are not being met, either by them not being accepted for EHCP assessment or because their school or college is not putting their EHCP in place properly. We offer support with this through advocacy, meeting support and document health checks. The SEN Expert can provide you with the specialist knowledge you need to ensure your child’s EHCP is put in place correctly and provides them with the outcomes they deserve.

EHCP Tribunal Support is charged on a case-by-case basis.

Advocacy Services

Attending meetings with professionals can be daunting at times, especially if you are new to the SEN experience. The SEN Expert offers advocacy services to ensure your voice is heard with regard to securing the best support possible for your child. Advocacy services come in many forms. We offer in person support in meetings, planning sessions prior to meetings, telephone support and email support. We will do whatever it takes to ensure you feel empowered when it comes to your child’s special educational needs.

Advocacy Services are charged on a case-by-case basis.

Support for Schools


It is good practice to take a moment to step back and really consider if the SEN provision at your school is fit for purpose. The SEN needs of your school will change year-on-year, and so the provisions provided should change with it.¬†The SEN Expert¬†provides a specifically designed auditing tool that gives schools a deep dive into their current provisions and provides a series of straight-forward actions to follow, securing impact, fast.¬†The SEN Expert¬†will visit your school to complete the audit and provide you with a comprehensive report that is ideal for use with¬†School Improvement Plans,¬†Governors’ Meetings¬†and school improvement in general.

Auditing is charged on a case-by-case basis.

SENCo Coaching

Being a Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCo) is a challenging and often isolating role. SENCos are often the only staff member with their skill-set in a school and often do not have other professionals in the same field to collaborate with. Also, the nature of SEN work can be highly emotive and SENCos need to be supported emotionally, as well as practically with the demands of their jobs. The SEN Expert provides a coaching service for SENCos. This includes 1:1 coaching sessions in-school or remotely, support via phone or email and support with networking with other SENCos and outside agencies. Coaching is great for people new to the role or for staff members who may have trained some years ago and need a refresh.

SENCo Coaching is charged on a case-by-case basis.

SEN Budget Reviews

The SEN budget system in schools and Local Authorities can be complex.¬†The SEN Expert¬†provides schools with a review of their SEN budget to ensure that schools are receiving the funds they are entitled to and using them in a cost effective and impactful way.¬†The SEN Expert¬†will have those tricky conversations with Local Authorities so you don’t have to, and with extensive experience working with over 30 different Local Authorities, Charities and outside agencies,¬†The SEN Expert¬†can also signpost schools to additional funding that could really help your students.

Coaching is charged on a case-by-case basis.

Meeting Support

The SEN Expert can be hired to provide planning support and attend SEN meetings in school if required. Meeting Support is charged on a case-by-case basis.