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Hi, I’m Dr. Natalya Fox, a dermatology doctor here to give you top tips on common skin conditions for you and your children,.

Dry skin, and eczema in babies is a really, really common because baby skin in general is more sensitive and not fully mature.

Some of the top things you can do to try to reduce the dryness or sensitivity are as follows.

Number one, reduce the frequency of bathing. So water itself is quite drying to the skin and babies don’t need to be washed and birthed every day. So reducing to alternate days or just two times a week can be really helpful.

Number two, avoid soaps and strong washing detergents like shampoos in babies baths. They don’t actually need a strong soap. You can use something like an emollients moisturizing wash to use. In addition to just playing water.

Number three, use non bio washing detergent and try to avoid a powder because the residue can actually stay on the cloths coming out of the wash and be more irritant to their skin.

And finally, generally use emollients like simple moisturizers, a couple of times a day to protect their skin as this helps to form a protective barrier to the outside environment.