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The trouble with the supplement market is that it is highly unregulated. As a result, it is very crowded with hundreds of products and brands and very confusing. Pick up two of the same ‘nutrient’ and you’re likely going to find conflicting amounts. You may even see nutrients advertised that the body cannot even absorb! Plus it is NOT a one size fits all. Different people have different needs. Despite what these companies may suggest.

Even worse, many brands are likely to advertise various wonderful benefits without much substance. It’s a minefield! Supplements are no substitute for a good diet but the extra requirements on the body during pregnancy and breastfeeding do require some additional help. Once again prenatal vitamins are likely to have highly variable ingredients depending on brands. Here are some of the the key ingredients (plus evidence backed amounts) that may be missed from some prenatal supplements. These are all ingredients where there is interesting science backing their ability to support a healthy conception, pregnancy and breastfeeding journey:

prenatal supplement

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