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Social Story for Neurodivergent Children - Flying ✈️

If you’re taking a holiday and it includes flying with a neurodivergent child you need this, whether it’s the first time they’ve flown or a repeat experience.

Social stories are a wonderfully simple way of explaining things to neurodivergent children in a language that they can understand.

To get the most out of the Social Story experience you should:

☑️ Share them daily in the lead up to the event

☑️ Encourage your child to talk about the images

☑️ Explain what’s happening in the images

☑️ Use the Social Story as a prop for role play

Who is this social story for?

This particular Social Story has been designed for children of any age, however, children who are aged 5 and over, and who don’t use symbol support will particularly benefit from it.

For best results, print and laminate the z-fold brochure.

3 downloads are included in the price!

If you have a situation that you would like created into a Social Story, please get in touch. All stories can be personalised with names/characters etc. (for an additional fee).

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