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Inositol and Folate Supplement - More Readily Absorbed Form of Folic Acid

Cells need inositol to regulate various functions mediated by hormones and it is an important component in the development and maturation of eggs. Although inositol occurs naturally in cereals, fruits and nuts, many women with PCOS suffer from an inositol deficiency.

Inositol is active in cell to cell communication, transmitting nerve impulses. Supplementing with myo-inositol can therefore assist in maintaining levels of this important nutrient. Each dose is designed to support women with PCOS or those who want to support their egg quality for preconception. We have added Folate to provide a combination that boosts your intake of both during preconception.

  • Suitable for women with PCOS, irregular cycles and/or those looking to support egg quality
  • Powder formulation
  • 1 month supply of 1.5 teaspoons per day
  • Suitable for vegans
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