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MENOPAUSE: The Psyche and the Soul of Perimenopause

So often the mental and emotional impact of perimenopause is overlooked, contributing to women feeling isolated and alone with their experience.

This workshop is for women who want to deepen their understanding of the mental and emotional impact of perimenopause.

This is for women over 35 years old who want to:

  • Understand perimenopause from the emotional perspective and within the cultural context.
  • Understand perimenopause with the context of our cyclical nature
  • Learn how our hormones affect our mood management during this time
  • Explore strategies for managing this phase, such as a guided relaxation session

Workshop cost and delivery:

  • £15 for virtual events
  • £25 for live in person.
  • Some events also include a women’s circle for shared experiences.
Total price: