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Book a video call with Olivia Turner

Are you thinking of getting a new puppy or dog and would like some professional guidance?

Have you got a new puppy and are looking for advice and support?

Has your dog started to display behavioural traits that you need to tackle?

During this 45 minute online consultation, I will discuss your specific needs and ways to work together towards a positive outcome for you and your dog.

This can include:

Pre puppy advice and guidance
What kind of dog should we get? Where shall we look and how do I go about it?
New puppy or dog consultation
What to think about when you bring your dog home, safe family interactions and training guidance
Behaviour consultation
 Do you need support with challenging behaviour?
Training consultation
Do you want to teach your dog something specific or work on an aspect of training and need a starting point?
Each consultation will include a full follow up report emailed directly to you.
Cost: £65
Total price: