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Follow up 1:1 Dating Coaching Session

How dating coaching can assist you

You may find the whole idea of dating daunting.
Whether it’s re-entering the dating world after a divorce, break-up or personal loss or simply starting out on your dating journey.Or you may be someone who struggles to find or maintain close relationships.

I will work with you by exploring your past relationship history and looking at your relationship behavioural patterns as well as questions about previous dating experiences and break-ups.

This will help you gain insight into why those relationships played out the way they did, and enable you to make positive changes so you do not repeat past patterns. You will then be equipped to make and build better connections, and feel much more confident in your dating skills.

Preparing for the follow-up 1:1 dating coaching session

During the course of the previous session we will have created an action plan for you either individually or as a couple (as appropriate). Each of the action steps for you to take will have a date to complete them by.

Issues may have changed since the last session and we will work on the issues that you need the most help with at the time of the follow-up session. And in each follow-up session will build on the last session. It is a very fluid and flexible process and tailored to your individual requirements.

During the follow-up session

In every follow-up session we will follow up on your action plan and work on addressing the issues you are still facing and steps you can take towards resolving them. I will ask you further questions to help you find solutions and again I will offer you emotional and practical support and guide you through your options and provide you with tools and tips for you to apply to enable you to move forward and make further positive changes. And we will create a revised action plan for you to work on before the next follow-up session should you require one.

How you will benefit from the dating coaching sessions

  • You will have more self- awareness so that you do not repeat old behavioural patterns such as self-sabotage or fear of commitment for example
  • You will have a key strategy for how to date most effectively and to meet the right partner
  • You will be crystal clear on your wants and needs and your “must not haves”
  • You will be more confident in your dating skills
  • You will be able to break through any barriers holding you back. No more feeling “stuck” or not good enough
  • You will feel motivated to take the action necessary for you to move forward and build close connections
  • You will feel more empowered and more confident to enter or re-enter the dating forum.

Who is dating coaching suitable for?

The sessions are suitable for anyone who needs support with relationships

  • You feel lost in the dating game
  • You want to find “the one” and become more confident in your dating decisions
  • You are new to dating and feel daunted or you are just starting to date again and feel overwhelmed
  • You may have just come out of a relationship break-up and want to avoid the pitfalls
  • You need assistance finding your ideal partner and aren’t sure where to begin looking

I look forward to supporting you!

Duration of the session: 60 minutes

Price: £145


Total price: