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Free 20 Minute Relationship Clarity Consultation with Celia Conrad

What is a relationship clarity consultation (RCC)?

The RCC is a FREE 20-minute session to discuss your specific relationship coaching needs and for me to find out about your background story.

This also helps us decide whether we are the right fit for each other and it’s an opportunity for you to ask me questions about the services I provide.

Your wellbeing is at the heart of everything I do.

Preparing for the RCC

In order to obtain the most benefit from the RCC, please prepare a brief summary of your background story setting out key points.

Please also indicate which area you feel you need most assistance from me with:

  • Break-up and Divorce Coaching
  • Relationship Coaching (includes Couples coaching)
  • Dating Coaching
  • Grief Educator Support
  • Energy Healing (focusing on clearing emotional blocks)

This will enable me to tailor the session to your needs.

Jot down any questions you would like to ask me and the most pressing issue that you need help with.

During the session

We will run through the summary you have prepared and any questions you may have as well as explore what options are available to you and whether you wish to proceed with 1:1 coaching with me.
If so, depending on the complexity of your issue, we will discuss how many sessions would be best for you.

How you will benefit from the RCC

By the end of the session you will:

  • Feel reassured and supported
  • Have more clarity on your situation
  • Have more direction and focus
  • Be more empowered
  • Have some simple action steps to help you move forward.

Who is this consultation suitable for?

For anyone who is seeking guidance on any of the relationship issues set out above and who wishes to explore the benefits of relationship coaching and how it can create rapid and positive lasting change and outcomes.

I look forward to our RCC together and to supporting you on your journey

Duration of the session: 20 mins

Price: FREE