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Know Your Flow - FREE Downloadable Tracker

Harness the Power of Your Cycle

Our menstrual cycle is one of the most important things for a woman to tune into, but sadly, it is often seen as a weakness as we have not been taught how to harness its power.

The more we supress and ignore the messages our body gives us, the more out of balance we become. However, if we are able to harness the power of our natural cycles, we can truly live a calm, joyful, energised life.

Women are cyclical beings and once we begin to work in alignment with our biology, EVERYTHING changes! We balance our mood, have energy, libido rises, our relationships improve, we excel at work, we sleep well and so much more!

Ultimately we are cyclical beings living in a linear, masculine world….men’s energy is very action based and can go and go and go and go!! However, as women we ebb and flow throughout the month as our hormones fluctuate.

This applies whether we are still physically cycling or not – whether we have our womb still or have stopped bleeding.

Learning to balance your hormones naturally and how to live in a state of flow, is the key to feeling great.

So, once we begin to understand how our biology is fluctuating throughout the month, the next step is to start to track our own cycle, in a way that goes beyond just noting the day.

It still surprises me how many women track their sleep, number of steps taken, food intake yet many do not know anything about their cycle – the very thing that makes us female!

Your FREE cycle tracker

I have free tracker you can download and it takes less than a minute to complete. I suggest doing this for at least 3 months so you can begin to see your own personal rhythm, which is unique to you. From your appetite, to libido, to choice of clothing, you will begin to see how much influence your cycle has on you and wonder why you were never taught this as a young woman!

Start tracking how you are feeling each day using this FREE, easy downloadable guide:

  • My Body Feels….
  • Emotionally I am…
  • Mentally I feel…..
  • I Want to Eat….
  • Socially I feel…
  • Sexually I feel…
  • My Sleep is….
  • I Want to Wear…