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60 Minute Returning to Work Coaching Session

Are you returning to work after maternity or parental leave, or simply from having a career break? Need to support to get back into the work place?

These 60-minute sessions will enable you to regain your work confidence, remind you of who you were before children and help you to focus on what you need to put in place to make your return to work as smooth as possible. We will also look at the multitude of emotions that you may be feeling about going back to work.

Once you have returned to work, the sessions will focus on helping you navigate those first few months and enable you to successfully juggle the demands of work with the demands of being a parent.

Each session is tailor made to you and the topics that you would like to work on.

About Charlotte:

As a Professional Development Coach, Charlotte can help you to see the bigger picture and enable you to achieve your potential. She will help you to move forward in your career, so that you can achieve your dreams and goals and live your best life. She will enable you to see through the negative stories that you tell yourself and empower you to control and eliminate the fears that are holding you back.

A particular focus for Charlotte is returning to work after maternity leave or a career break to bring up your children.  As a mum of two boys Charlotte has experienced the multitude of emotions we feel when returning to work after maternity leave and knows that for many women navigating that first year back can be challenging, even for the most career orientated of parents.  Battling hormones, loss of identity, confidence levels and the pull between work and home can be destabilising and may lead to parents leaving or not reaching their full potential as they can’t quite traverse successfully through the initial year back.

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