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Complimentary 30 minute call with Wilma

This free 30 minute meet and greet call is all about us getting to meet each other to see if we connect and also for me to find out where you’re at health and energy wise, where you want to get to and how I can help fill that gap and get your to your goals.

Results you could achieve by working with Wilma

  • Reclaiming your Motherloving energy to chase down a toddler on a scooter and  to chase down your lifes purpose
  • Your ideal weight that works for you and your body. You get in the family pictures and feel happy about it. Imagine all the emotional and mental energy you’d free up not thinking about your weight?!
  • Fuelled & nourished for everything you want to achieve in life
  • Improved digestive health by getting to the root cause which means no more unbuttoning trousers to sit down or looking 6 months pregnant after eating the bread basket
  • Smoother skin & bouncier hair through balancing hormones and addressing nutritional deficiencies
  • A menstrual cycle that is hormonally harmonious and works for you instead of against.
  • Better sleep. Life changing
  • Understanding your body’s cravings and managing them without guilt or deprivation
  • Revitalised libido. Sex isn’t another thing on your ‘to do list’, it’s an activity that’s an integral part of your life (and makes you feel amazing)
  • Providing your tiny humans with strong and healthy role models
  • Less frustration at lack of progress
  • Looking and feeling fabulous
  • A feeling that you’re no longer drowning in the emotional & physical demands of motherhood

Book in discovery call with me, to help get you started on your journey.