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Forking Wellness: Your No-Nonsense Guide to Health and Nutrition

What the fork is wellness? As Registered Nutrition Professionals, Sophie Bertrand and Bari Stricoff take an “all food is fit” approach to eating.

With the abundance of health and nutrition information out there, it’s hard to keep up and know what’s fact and what can be harmful.

How does one eat for longevity while also trying to eat for a healthy gut, reduce the risk for cardiovascular disease, all while trying to enjoy food without obsessing?

These nutrition professionals are on a mission to simplify the information and make wellness a realistic and relatable topic that no longer seems so “all or nothing.”

In addition to breaking down the nutrition basics, the authors will guide the reader through what “balance” really means when eating, how to overcome black-and-white thinking about food, and how to implement mindful eating and eating intuitively.

It will also provide the reader with simple tools for eating sustainably and on a budget.

As the icing on top, the book includes 45 delicious recipes the reader will want to make again and again. With this book, the reader is guaranteed to forking understand wellness!

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